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TriCalm® Launches Two New Products Offering Fast, Steroid-Free Itch Relief
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TriCalm® Launches Two New Products Offering Fast, Steroid-Free Itch Relief

San Diego, CA—Cosmederm Bioscience, Inc. today announced the expansion of its itch-relief product line, TriCalm®, with the new TriCalm Clinical Repair Cream and TriCalm Extra Strength Spray. Following the success of the company’s initial product, TriCalm Hydrogel, these two new offerings strategically expand the brand’s line of steroid-free, anti-itch products to further benefit sufferers of itch. Clinical Repair Cream is ideal for those suffering from dry, itchy skin, while Extra Strength Spray is formulated for use on contagious or hard-to-reach areas, such as rashes from poison oak or ivy. The new products are available in select retail stores and online at

Like Hydrogel, the new TriCalm Clinical Repair Cream and TriCalm Extra Strength Spray have been awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance™, recognizing them as products appropriate for the care of itch related to sensitive skin or eczema, a condition that affects roughly thirty million Americans*.

“Because no itch is exactly the same, itch sufferers can’t be easily categorized,” said Sean Edwards, CEO and President, Cosmederm Bioscience, Inc. “Through our research, we recognized a need to provide a broader selection of products for those who suffer from itch, ranging from an acute bug bite to chronic skin conditions. Our Clinical Repair Cream and Extra Strength Spray offer two new steroid-free solutions that provide effective relief, further advancing our company’s mission to solve itch with innovative science.”

TriCalm Clinical Repair Cream

Designed with chronic dry skin sufferers in mind, TriCalm Clinical Repair Cream is formulated with ceramides, shea butter, hyaluronic acid and patented ingredients to moisturize and repair dry, itchy skin and is ideal for those in need of daily hydration, itch relief and barrier repair due to conditions like eczema or atopic dermatitis. As with all TriCalm products, TriCalm Clinical Repair Cream is free of topical steroids, which are found in many common over-the-counter anti-itch products, and provides itch relief without the unwanted side effects associated with steroid-based creams, such as skin thinning and discoloration.

TriCalm Extra Strength Spray

According to a study conducted by TriCalm**, up to 58 percent of itch occurrences happen during the spring and summer months due to insect bites, skin irritations and rash outbreaks. With its convenient, touch-less, spray-on formula, TriCalm Extra Strength Spray provides fast-acting itch relief for spring and summer skin irritations such as athlete’s foot, bug bites, skin allergies, and outdoor plant exposure, like poison ivy or oak. The spray, like all TriCalm products, is steroid free, safe for children as young as two, and can be applied as needed.

TriCalm Clinical Repair Cream and TriCalm Extra Strength Spray are available now at select retail stores, including Kinney Drugs and Supervalu grocery chains, as well as independent pharmacies, and online at For more information about TriCalm products, please visit

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About Cosmederm Bioscience

Cosmederm Bioscience, Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company focusing on the development of uniquely effective topical dermatological products. We develop innovative, science-driven solutions for itch and pain management. Our family of patented anti-irritation technologies forms the basis for our offerings in OTC itch relief, cosmeceuticals, and Rx drug development. Cosmederm is bringing new science to unmet needs, and leading the way in solving itch.


Cohn & Wolfe for Cosmederm
Devin Kingdon, 323-602-1087

*National Eczema Association, 2015
**Research available upon request



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